Given the ‘One To Watch’ status by no less than W&W, Husman is pounding his way to the top with his signature melodic powerhouses. His unique and genre-bending productions have brought him releases on several Armada imprints, including Mainstage, Armada Trice and Armada Captivating, with support from the likes of Tiësto, Hardwell, W&W, and Dyro. Husman has a deep passion for electronic music and an uncontainable drive for quality and is sure to enlighten the world with musical gems for years to come.


From a very young age onwards, Husman has been intrigued by the production of electronic music. As he kept locking himself in his bedroom studio for larger parts of the day, it became clear that he had an unprecedented gift for creating melodies. Further enhancing his sound, the melodic approach grew to be one of the core elements of his records ever since. As time progressed, Husman became fascinated by the Trance sound as heard during Tiësto’s legendary 2004 ‘In Concert’ tour. In love with the melodies and emotion that flowed freely in those tracks, he tried conveying the same kind of emotion in his own tracks. Adding his own personal flavor of film score to the mix, his records soon became the fresh sounding masterpieces that have been continuously dominating various playlists and DJ sets.


Husman’s sound is euphoric, melodic, and contains the overwhelming amount of energy and power needed to blow the crowd away. What Husman is about to bring to the electronic music industry might still be undisclosed. But considering his phenomenal potential, his mind-blowing releases on various Armada imprints, it is safe to say that Husman holds the sounds of the future!

Next, to creating songs for himself Nick Housmans also has his own production company called 'N-H Productions'. With this company, he creates a variety of music productions for a wide range of clients.


2019 marks the year of his story-driven album and live experience. All the preparation is done and the story is ready to be shown to the public. This year will mark the Rise Of The Mad King.

2019 is also the year that Husman is branching out into the sample and sound-creation world. Providing musicians with top quality samples and sounds to inspire and enhance their music.




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